On-Target Marketing Product Offerings

Simple Plan

Creating a Brief, Simple Action Plan. This will not be a usual long, expensive and useless marketing plan. This will be the marching orders for your brand or your
organization for the coming year. All resources will be focused and coordinated to exceed your goals.

Your Best Point
Discovering Your Strongest Winning Positioning Statement, Your Unique Selling Proposition. We have a proven system that will discover the benefit your brand can own. It will become what you are known as—the key to increasing brand equity.

Basic Marketing
Getting Your Organization to Think Like Marketers. A 45 minute presentation to your staff on the history and future of marketing will get them involved.

New Products
Getting a New Product to the Market. George Lemmond’s experience can help on all phases of launching a new product—Conception, Testing, Introduction, and Evaluation. Cost depends on your needs.

Fresh Point of View
Having an Independent Expert Look at Your Business. Should you change direction? Diversify? Expand? Retire? Sell Out?

Written Words
Creating Professional Written and Spoken Words. George Lemmond writes CEO speeches, marketing blogs, articles, and training materials. His copyrighted definition is “Good writing is good thinking applied with craftsmanship.”
Choosing an Ad Agency

Having an Expert Sounding Board Available. Is the brand on track? What are the problems? What new opportunities are emerging?

Advertising Agency Selection. Screening candidates and the process of evaluation are critical to finding the right partner.