Critics love to criticize Christmas as the essence of a greed based society. They say it’s come to be a symbol of material stuff rather than spiritual sustenance. It’s all about how much we can load the Christmas stockings, how much we can spend, and how much profit be generated.

Granted, the love of money is a root of evil for some people. But for most, money can be a source of security, a better life, and an opportunity to do good.

The habit of giving Christmas presents could be the journey of the Magi, laden with gifts for the baby Jesus of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. (Gold and frankincense might still be appreciated, but not so much myrrh.) So there is approval of giving at joyous events.

Here are some unexpected results, if the “overload of Christmas giving” is reduced:

What isn’t bought for Christmas would be spent some other time, anyway.

What if people agreed with those who want us to curtail holiday extravagance, by spending less—by say ten percent? There would be an instant deep depression and mass firing of retail workers.

The joy of sharing and love would be lessened.

We should be thankful for the fruits of our free enterprise system. On Target Marketing can help you sell more!

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