About George Lemmond

About George Lemmond

George Lemmond is a consumer marketing professional who has built brands and solved problems from many perspectives.  He is an author, speaker and widely known trainer in marketing, sales, and advertising who brings his broad experience to companies that need creative, practical and profitable results from their marketing efforts.  George specializes in writing succinct, persuasive communications. His belief is that“Good Writing is Good Thinking Applied With Craftsmanship.”

An example of “good thinking” is a seminar George created and conducted for thousands of media salesman called, “Think Like a Retailer.”  It required participants from Knight-Ridder and the Southern Newspaper Publishing Association to immerse themselves into a retailer’s business, to “walk in their shoes,” and to solve problems from the client’s perspective.

George learned the basics of marketing at the start of his career at Procter & Gamble, where he guided the introduction of Crisco Oil and Duncan Hines Mixes, now the leaders in their categories.  He later moved into the retail field, where the action really takes place.  As the Director of Strategic Planning and Consumer Affairs at the Target Corporation, he launched their consumer research function, supervised their testing labs, rationalized their private label program, and guided their public relations needs.

He studied the art and science of persuasion at the Senior or Executive VP level at three major advertising agencies—NWAyer, Grey, and Omnicom.  He guided dozens of accounts including Kraft, First Union, US Army Recruiting, and Chic-fil-A.  George also was Executive VP at SeigalGale, the leading corporate identity firm, and was an associate with Faith Popcorn, the renowned futurist.

George has applied his knowledge as a consultant.  He founded two international companies: The Sigma Group, and Leading Edges.  For many years he has been an affiliate of McMillan/Doolittle, the premier retail consultants.  With his big company experience he has been able to guide many small businesses in a strategic planning process that assures their growth in changing circumstances.

He has combined his practical experience with the academic world by teaching marketing and advertising as an Adjunct Professor at Georgia State University. George Lemmond is a graduate of Colgate University with a BA in English. He lives in Roswell, Georgia.

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