Consumer Marketing

George Lemmond is a professional who has solved marketing problems from many perspectives.

Building Brands

A brand is a promise and a story that must be nourished into a culture and a mystique that results in great brand equity.

Connecting Customers

Marketing is all about understanding customers and connecting with them in six steps---Recognize, Relate, Respond, Reward, Remember, and Repeat.

Guides for Growth

A brand must have an Action Plan that covers credos and standards for every aspect of the business.

Pin pointing a position

Target outlasted twelve major competitors to become the surviving "high quality" discounter. This timely and timeless blueprint has served as the company’s marching orders.

Gaining creditability with a client

George Lemmond concluded that service is a self-defeating premise for a company’s positioning. There are notable exceptions, but it is almost always unbelievable and undeliverable.

Selling advertising

George Lemmond has developed and proved a process that will find and communicate the most powerful position for any product, company or service.